Buenos Aires 2008

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BA0801.jpg (55k) BA0802.jpg (25k) BA0803.jpg (39k) BA0804.jpg (44k)
Tigre River View Delta near Tigre Tigre River View Picnic on Delta
BA0805.jpg (55k) BA0806.jpg (25k) BA0807.jpg (39k) BA0808.jpg (44k)
Park in Palermo Japanese Gardens Japanese Gardens Flats overlooking park
BA0809.jpg (55k) BA0810.jpg (25k) BA0811.jpg (55k) BA0812.jpg (25k)
Japanese Gardens Carlos Gardol Richard new suit San Isidro
BA0813.jpg (55k) BA0814.jpg (25k) BA0815.jpg (55k)
Tree in bloom Tree in bloom San Isidro

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