California - July 2002

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Muir Woods Resting at Muir Woods Stinson Beach Den,Richard & Judy at Stinson Beach
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The bridge Den David Leaf Under the Bridge
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San Francisco Angel Island On the bridge Denise in Sausalito
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Richard and Judy having a rest Denise and Richard on the ferry Tiburon The bridge
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Judy on the ferry the bridger Dave Leaf and Judy Judy
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Richard Angel Island Alcatraz Alcatraz
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The Geyser The Geyser Petrified tree Petrified tree
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family in petrified forest Bob Bob Richard and Denise in San Francisco flat
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Richard & Denise in the flat Denise on the Cable car Judy and Den on the cable car Richard on the cable car
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On the cable cark Playing video games In San Francisco Street Luge course
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Street luger Street luging luger View from twin peaks
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Denise & Judy on Twin Peaks SF from twin peaks the city from twin peaks the city from twin peaks
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family on twin peaks Seal Rock Ocean Beach Judy at the Cliff house for lunch
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Richard Bob Bob Richard
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Denise Richard Judy Golden Gate Park
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Golden Gate Park Denise Richard Golden Gate Park

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