Travels around Ecuador January & February 2016
Cathedral Quito Painting of Simon Bolivar Attractive statue from museum in Quito View from our hotel in Quito at dusk
Imbabura Volcano near Otavalo North of Quito Ecuadorian (not Panama) hats San Antonio train station - live entertainment - I bought the CD Pretty little girl in San Antonio
Lbarra - outside a machine factory Our train from Otavalo for the day Street Art Lbarra Wood carving - beautiful statues
the finished product Little boy near Lbarra School girls Lbarra Street Art Lbarra
Rosadex rose plantation Rosadex rose plantation Travelling south to El Boliche South of Quito towards El Boliche
On the way to El Boliche near El boliche Beautiful volcanoes - very lucky with the weather in the Andes our train for the 2nd day
Our Group in Cotopaxi national park In the avenue of Volcanoes Church between El Boliche and Riobamba Chimborazao on the way to Riobamba
Yambo Lake Back of the train DSC 4645 DSC 4655
DSC 4662 DSC 4663 DSC 4666 DSC 4669
DSC 4674 DSC 4677 DSC 4682 Baltasar, the last ice-harvester
Morning dance exercises at Riobamba station The next train Leaving Riobamba Rounding the bend
Colta DSC 4747 Signalling to the driver DSC 4759
Colta Stopping at Colta The Virgin Mary in indigenous clothing Market stall - beautiful ponchos
Guamote Market day in Guamote Guamote market Guamote market
Guamote market Guamote market Guamote market Guamote market
Guamote market Guamote market woman on the way to market Market day
Guamote market day Guamote in the market Guamote school On the way to Alausi
Alausi Alausi on the way to Devil's Nose Switch back on the Devil's Nose
At the Devil's Nose Judy ahhh - the derailment - soon fixed by hand! inside our train
Beautiful scenery Friendly Gauchos Cacao Hacienda La Danesa at Naranjito
Our lovely guides on the train journey Hacienda La Danesa Friendly staff at Hacienda La Danesa Our group on the train (all best friends by now)
Amazing steam engine pulling us for the final part of journey Coupling the steam engine DSC 5045 Entertainment on the train
Guayaquil - Bolivar and Sucre Indigenous thinker Guayaquil Guayaquil
Bolivar in Guayaquil Iguanas in Guayaquil Statue to Che Guevara in Guayaquil Cuenca Catedral de la Immaculada Concepcion
DSC 5782 Cuenca The hat factory Origin of the famous Panama Hat
Cuenca Shrunken head in museum shrunken head in museum Judy in Cuenca
Cuenca North of Cuenca we kept looking at each other so I took her photo BBQ north of Cuenca
Avocados in the market market in Canar Ingapirca Ingapirca
Ingapirca Ingapirca Kushi Waira Lunch following our Pacha Mama ceremony and tree hugging
Music! the friendly Shaman and his niece Judy playing games Judy dancing
Saraguro church dressed for a wedding Loja Loja DSC 5998
Loja Loja Loja Loja
Loja - I bought the CD Loja Vilcabamba Vilcabamba
Vilcabamba Parque Nacional Podocarpus Parque Nacional Podocarpus Parque Nacional Podocarpus
Parque Nacional Podocarpus Otavalo market Doors at our hacienda Our final stay in Hacienda Cusin
Hacienda Cusin DSC 6100 Hacienda Cusin DSC 6113
at the equator North and South divide File 26-02-2016, 15 20 52 market day Guamote
our new hats