Visit to Eric and Brenda Bartlett April 2006

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Snoopy Rock Sedona Sedona from the jeep Sedona Sedona
e605.jpg (55k) e606.jpg (25k) e607.jpg (39k) e608.jpg (44k)
Eric & Brenda in the Jeep Entrance to Indian dwellings Sedona Sedona
e609.jpg (55k) e610.jpg (25k) e611.jpg (55k) e612.jpg (25k)
Sedona Sedona Indian Dwellings Indian Dwellings
e613.jpg (55k) e614.jpg (25k) e615.jpg (55k) e616.jpg (25k)
Sedona Sedona Indian Dwellings Ruins
e617.jpg (55k) e618.jpg (25k) e619.jpg (55k) e620.jpg (25k)
Sedona Eric and Brenda Chimney Rock Sedona Sedona
e621.jpg (55k) e622.jpg (25k)
Sedona Eric and Brenda's home
e623.jpg (55k) e624.jpg (25k) e625.jpg (55k)
Me and Eric Me, Eric and Brenda Eric and Brenda

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