Our holiday around the Galapagos Islands - February 2016
The Big man Charles Darwin First impressions San Cristobal Our first night and our first sunset San Cristobal Judy surveying the scenery
Sunsets near the equator are amazing Surfers on San Cristobal Sea Lions roam the islands like stray cats and dogs Can't get enough of the sunsets.
DSC 5142 2 beautiful sites! This is when I descovered Juan Carlos, our guide knows how to take a good photograph. Sea Lions lazing around.
DSC 5160 Beach on the North Coast of San Cristobal. On the beach Iguanas roam freely. DSC 5172
DSC 5177 These brightly coloured crabs are beautiful Kicker Rock In the plane on the way to Isabel
Isabela Island - view from our hotel room. The lagoon behind our hotel. DSC 5200 Flamingoes in the Lagoon
DSC 5209 This big boy was fascinating to watch Not sure why they are doing this - but it looks good DSC 5229
reaching high to the trees Diving for a snack DSC 5248 DSC 5251
DSC 5269 DSC 5274 DSC 5279 DSC 5282
Sierra Negro Volcano DSC 5294 DSC 5299 Volcan Chico
DSC 5317 Volcan Chico Church in Isabella DSC 5328
DSC 5333 Isabella approaching sunset DSC 5336 Cemetery Isabella
Beautiful colours at sunset DSC 5377 Now on Santa Cruz and the daring cliff jumpers DSC 5406
Lagoon on Santa Cruz Sea Lion on Plaza Island Another colourful crab Cactus tree Plaza Island
Iguanas Plaza Island DSC 5461 Plaza Island Our transport to Plaza Island
Beautiful Iguana The weekend market in Santa Cruz Local fish in the market DSC 5503
DSC 5513 in the market DSC 5530 On the way to Bartolome
DSC 5557 Bartolome This chap nearly got me as I got a bit too close to him Bartolome
Bartolome Bartolome Bartolome on Bartolome
DSC 5614 DSC 5619 Bartolome Bartolome
North Seymour Island DSC 5657 The famous Boobies Boobies
DSC 5698 DSC 5699 DSC 5702 DSC 5704
Iconic photo (so we're told) DSC 5723 This was an interesting sight as the bird in flight was trying to steal food from the younger bird feeding below. Love the crabs
The Charismatic guide we had on some of our trips. File 26-02-2016, 15 34 48 File 26-02-2016, 15 35 44 File 26-02-2016, 15 38 27
File 26-02-2016, 15 39 40 File 26-02-2016, 16 01 16 File 26-02-2016, 16 03 34 File 26-02-2016, 16 03 54
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