Our Travels in Northern India - November 2014
At the Red Fort in Delhi Delhi - still has green space! Park in Delhi Judy in our train compartment travelling to Kathgodam and the Himalayas
Forrest in Binsar - Kalhi Estate Our first (of many) sunsets in the Himalayas. I love sunsets Kathdhara in Binsar
Surprisingly beautiful flowers at high altitudes Yes, a crop of Marijuana in the Himalayas Hidden under a pile of straw Never seen anything like this before.
Our first (distant) glimpse of the Himalayas Our guides in Binsar Gonap DSC 5158
The sun begins to rise Sun rising in Gonap Our first sunrise and worth the effort to get up early. Sunrise in Gonap
Sun on the mountains Early morning mist on the mountains Village boy in Gonap Forrest in Gonap
Judy and Jeanne in Dalar Sunset in Dalar Met him on the road to Kapkot Beautiful (Super) Supi
who is training who? Supi Our guides in Supi DSC 5411
Blacksmith and child DSC 5422 I love her smile and the look on her face. Bob plowing
DSC 5478 House in Super-Supi local post office in Supi Shop in Supi
Met these 2 in the shop shopkeeper in Supi On the road to Khal Jhuni DSC 5508
Judy and our guides. Village life in Khal Jhuni We are much closer to the mountains now! Entrance to our room in Jhuni
Near Jhuni near Jhuni DSC 5548 One of our chefs in Jhuni
the other chef in Jhuni Sunrise over Jhuni On our way up to camp Jakuni Bhugiyal on the way
When we arrived it was raining and hailing, but when the clouds cleared ... Sunset at Jakuni Bhugiyal The view we had from our tent before sunrise getting lighter ...
The first ray of sunshine more sun breaks through breathtaking view of the Himalayas - now close enough to touch nearly DSC 5785
DSC 5793 DSC 5796 cropped Children in Supi Supi
Supi - the oldest man in the village Supi Supi Supi
Diwali celebrations in Supi Diwali in Supi Diwali in Supi One of out chefs in Supi
This man made the best food of the holiday - Supi a guide in Supi Manas National Park – Guwahati Rice whiskey being made
DSC 5970 Patharughat, Assam - at the market in the market Patharughat, Assam - at the market
Patharughat, Assam - at the market Tea plantation in Assam Tea drying out DSC 6034
tea drying now mounds of tea rice field in Assam DSC 6061
Guwahati Guwahati Guwahati Guwahati
Guwahati DSC 6140 another beautiful sunset festival where the women stand in the river all night
Judy on our cruise with a passenger yes, another beautiful sunset DSC 6216 School children on our cruise on the Brahmaputra River
Sunset on the Brahmaputra River market DSC 6323 the whole village came out to see us on the Brahmaputra
what can I say? The golden Temple in Amritsar Golden Temple Golden Temple
Golden Temple DSC 6450 Colonial building in Amritsar making sweets
The golden temple at night The golden temple at night DSC 6491 The silver (hindu) temple
DSC 6504 the silver temple Amritsar the silver temple at the silver temple
The rock garden in Chandigarh the rock garden the rock garden the rock garden
the rock garden the rock garden the rock garden the rock garden
the rock garden the rock garden Chandigarh Chandigarh
Shimla Shimla Shimla Shimla
The vice regal house in Shimla Shimla shimla Shimla
Shimla Shimla Shimla our train from Shimla to Kalka
DSC 6733