Travels around Mongolia July 2023
Sukhbaatar Square in Ullaanbaatar - parliament building
Genghis Khan - impressive statue in Sukhbaatar Square in Ulaanbaatar
Sukhbaatar - the father of the revolution who obtained freedom from the Chinese and lead the country into Socialism and close relations with Soviet Russia
Ulaanbaatar- special building for wedding ceremonies
Buddhist temple in Ulaanbaatar - we were pleased to see seating in the temple and surprised everyone was wearing shoes.
Statue in Ulaanbaatar - he is well respected in Mongolia
In our first ger camp. Gobi nomad lodge - Gobi desert. These young girls were so friendly and keen to try out their English phrases.
Gobi Nomad Lodge
In front of our ger
Gobi Nomad Lodge - inside our ger. The door to the right leads to the ensuite bathroom. The gers are comfortable and well insulated against the wind and cold…
Gobi Desert
Yol Valley (Vulture's Valley). Gobi Desert
Yol Valley (Vulture's Valley). Gobi Desert. A large slab of ice behind us that has not melted from winter yet.
Yol Valley (Vulture's Valley). Gobi Desert
Yol Valley (Vulture's Valley). Gobi Desert. Horses for tourist use.
Gobi Discovery Ger Camp. Nice sunset. Our driver worked into the evening replacing the fuel filter on our car. All the drivers joined in the project.
Khongor sand dunes. 180 kilometres long. Gobi Desert. Mountains in the background.
Judy and our guide (Saikhnaa )at Khongor sand dune. When the wind blows across the top of the sand dune we hear a sort of whistling sound like that of an…
I nearly made it to the top of the sand dune, but it was a bit steep towards the last few meters.
Khongor Sand dune - Gobi Desert. Very light sand.