New Years 2001

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ny11.jpg (55k) ny12.jpg (25k) ny13.jpg (39k) ny14.jpg (44k)
New Years Eve - D & J New Years Eve - D & B Bob having a drink Bob by the sea
ny15.jpg (55k) ny16.jpg (25k) ny17.jpg (25k) ny18.jpg (25k)
Cavalaire on New Years Day Denise playing on the Game Boy Denise by the sea at Cavalaire Denise on the rocks at Cavalaire
ny19.jpg (55k) ny110.jpg (25k) ny111.jpg (39k) ny112.jpg (44k)
Denise New Years Eve Denise at midnight Judy New Years Eve Judy cuddling Richard
ny113.jpg (55k) ny114.jpg (25k) ny115.jpg (25k) ny116.jpg (25k)
St Tropez at midnight Cavalaire New Years Day Denise upside down Richard asking for more wine
ny117.jpg (55k) ny118.jpg (25k) ny119.jpg (25k) ny120.jpg (25k)
Richard in Cavalaire Richard Playing on the beach Judy in the sun
ny121.jpg (55k) ny122.jpg (25k) ny123.jpg (25k) ny124.jpg (25k)
Bob New Years Eve Richard Richard by the sea Richard New Years Eve
ny125.jpg (55k)
Richard at midnight

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