Orlando Florida - April 2001

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Richard & Denise standing in a queue The parade at night Hippo in the parade A very tired Judy and Richard
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Richard driving Bob relaxing Denise Richard
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D Duck in the parade Judy Denise driving Denise at the water park - Blizzard Beach
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Denise having an ice cream Richard Denise Lion King show
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Richard after getting soaked Denise after getting soaked Judy totally soaked Giraffe
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Saturn 5 Rocket Kennedy space center The next launch the last launch
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Transporter The family in front of a rocket The family at the space centre Richard in our house
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Judy shopping at Wal Mart Denise with a small packet of Cheerios Richard at the house Denise in the pool
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Judy by the pool Richard Denise in the pool Richard & Denise in the pool
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Richard & Denise in the pool Richard & Denise at New York movie set A tired family Denise by fountain
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Stopping for a drink Richard in a restaurant Richard driving the air boat View from air boat
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View from air boat Richard driving air boat View from air boat View from air boat
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Denise in restaurant View from air boat Family at Descovery Bay Family with the Dolphin
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Richard with dolphin Denise with dolphin Denise in a flower

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