Rome May 2008

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The Pantheon - near our flat View of Rome Bernini's Egyptian Obelisk Victor Emmanuel Monument
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Casa dei Cavalieri di Rodi Trajan's Column Trajan's Marlet View of Rome
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Sculpture on top of Victor Emmanuel Parade of Ferari's Sculpture in Museum Trajan's Column
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Trajan's Market Trajan's Market Forum of Augustus Trajan's Market
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Inside Trajan's Market Judy Trajan's Market Inside the Pantheon
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Inside the Pantheon Inside the Pantheon Inside the Pantheon Inside the Pantheon
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Inside the Pantheon Largo Di Torre Argentina Largo Di Torre Argentina Sant' Andrea della Valle
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Vatican Museum Vatican Museum Vatican Museum Vatican Museum
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Vatican Museum Vatican Museum Vatican Museum Vatican Museum
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Vatican Museum Pont Sant Angelo Vatican Museum Sistine Chapel
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Vatican Museum The Pantheon Saint Peters Saint Peters
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Saint Peters Saint Peters Saint Peters Inside Saint Peters
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Inside Saint Peters Inside Saint Peters Near Borghese Villa Borghese Villa
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Top of Spanish Steps Top of Spanish Steps Top of Spanish Steps Spanish Steps
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Street Street Artwork Artwork
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Piazza del Popolo Piazza del Popolo Piazza del Popolo Piazza del Popolo
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Santa Maria del Popolo Crucifixion of St. Peter Trevi Fountain Trevi fountain
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Coliseum Trevi fountain Coliseum Coliseum
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Coliseum Coliseum Coliseum Arch of Constantine
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Caesars Forum Coliseum
rm0881.jpg (55k) rm0882.jpg (25k) rm0883.jpg (25k) rm0884.jpg (25k)
Coliseum Coliseum Coliseum Entrance to Palatine
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Palatine Palatine Augustus House Augustus House
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Back of Victor Emmanuel Monument Basilica of Constantine & Maxentius Coliseum The forum
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The forum Palatine Arch of Titus Temple of Antoninus & Faustina
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Arch of Septimius Severus The Forum

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