Walking holiday on the Amalfi Coast, Italy - October 2003

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Across the valley from Ravello From Ravello Inland from Ravello South of Ravello
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The mountains behind Ravello From Ravello Across the valley The intrepid walking Bartletts
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Amalfi The sea On the path to Amalfi Resting on the way to Amalfi
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Richard Denise Mountains (before we got lost!) Amalfi (found again!)
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Safe in Amalfi Amalfi The sea
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Start of second day of walking A shrine along the way A village - a long way down Richard & Den
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Judy Richard Den & Judy Positano in the distance
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Interesting feature View from Hotel in Positano View from Hotel in Positano Our hotel in Positano
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Positano church Richard and Judy Denise Mountains around Positano
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Judy & Bob Den's drinking trick Positano Positano
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Positano & where we walked on previous day Judy and Denise Judy and Denise View from the top of Positano on our hotel

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