Atacama desert - December 2004

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Our first sight of Valley of the Moon Richard of Atacama desert Huge sand dune - Valley of the moon Valley of the moon
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Interesting formation Sun starting to set
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Moon is already very visible as sun starts to set Shadows getting longer as sun sets Judy & Denise Waiting for the sun to set
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Den, Judy & Richard - wind getting up now There it goes Nearly gone now
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Moon over the desert Pukara de Quitor Pukara de Quitor Pukara de Quitor
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Ayllu de Solor Very old residence Beaufitul gorge
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Llama Dress - decorated with tea bag covers
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Llamas Bob Denise Richard, Judy & Denise
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Geyser Very hot water Geyser
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Warning to tourists Judy and Denise through the steam Breakfast cooking in hot water Hot water pool
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Mountains adjacent to geysers Denise, Richard and Julieta Judy
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Disused water pump and filtration
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Machuca Machuca Machuca Machuca Church
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Entry to Machuca Llama Flamingos
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Donkeys in gorge Gorge Gorge
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Flamingos Richard, Denise and Judy
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Richard Remote Hostel Lunch Break
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Beautiful cactus Amazing Gorge
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Bob, Denise, Judy, Richard, Jill Volcanos Denise Richard
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Julieta Fantastic!
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Julieta, Richard, Denise, Judy, Jill Julieta and the Bartletts Volcano
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Richard Denise Quebrada de Nacimiento Quebrada de Nacimiento
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Quebrada de Nacimiento Quebrada de Nacimiento Quebrada de Nacimiento A surprise self portrait of two guides that were instrumental in our rescue
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Laguna Sejas Christmas Tree in San Pedro Church in San Pedro San Pedro
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Family we met at explora in Atacama

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