Cavalaire 2002

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The Mediterranean Judy on the boat Judy and Den resting on the boat Richard
c205.jpg (55k) c206.jpg (25k) c207.jpg (39k) c208.jpg (44k)
Denise resting An Island The bay of an Island Bob reading
c209.jpg (55k) c210.jpg (25k) c211.jpg (55k) c212.jpg (25k)
Bob sleeping Bob having a nap Just waking up now Denise aon the beach
c213.jpg (55k) c214.jpg (25k) c215.jpg (55k) c216.jpg (25k)
Richard on the beach Bob working on the beach Bob Judy working in the garden
c217.jpg (55k) c218.jpg (25k) c219.jpg (55k) c220.jpg (25k)
Den fixing the roof The famous view from the villa View from the villa of the hills Behind the villa

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