Cavalaire 2005

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c501.jpg (55k) c502.jpg (25k) c503.jpg (39k) c504.jpg (44k)
The Mediterranean Mountains behind villa Pool Hill back garden
c505.jpg (55k) c506.jpg (25k) c507.jpg (39k) c508.jpg (44k)
Pool & terrasse View from upstairs terrasse Boules court Pool and opposite hill
c509.jpg (55k) c510.jpg (25k) c511.jpg (55k) c512.jpg (25k)
Terrasse Hill opposite Upstairs terrasse Bedroom
c513.jpg (55k) c514.jpg (25k) c515.jpg (55k) c516.jpg (25k)
Bedroom Kitchen Outside Lounge
c517.jpg (55k) c518.jpg (25k) c519.jpg (55k) c520.jpg (25k)
Lounge Lounge & dining room Mediterranean bay Richard sunning
c521.jpg (55k) c522.jpg (25k) c523.jpg (55k) c524.jpg (25k)
Den sunning Den Richard Bob
c525.jpg (55k) c526.jpg (25k) c527.jpg (55k) c528.jpg (25k)
The captain lunching Judy on boat Den on boat Bob
c529.jpg (55k) c530.jpg (25k) c531.jpg (55k) c532.jpg (25k)
Judy swimming Richard Judy St Tropez harbor
c533.jpg (55k)
St Tropez beach
C601.jpg (55k) C602.jpg (25k) C603.jpg (55k) C604.jpg (25k)
Pool from terrasse The view of Cavalaire Bay Pool and house Pool and view
C605.jpg (55k) C606.jpg (25k) C607.jpg (55k) C608.jpg (25k)
The pool Pool and opposite hillside Pool and terrasse Pool and view

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