Judy's 50th Birthday Party

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Judy & Den Richard driving us to restaurant Judy & Den at the restaurant Richard - restaurant
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Judy - pensive Den at home Richard at home Judy
jb9.jpg (55k) jb10.jpg (25k) jb11.jpg (39k) jb12.jpg (44k)
Judy opening presents Richard having a drink Lovely Denise Judy modelling a gift
jb13.jpg (55k) jb14.jpg (25k) jb15.jpg (39k) jb16.jpg (44k)
Denise resting Richard Judy and a present Judy and the cake
jb17.jpg (55k) jb18.jpg (25k) jb19.jpg (39k) jb20.jpg (44k)
Unwrapping a present A baguette slicer from the Copelands Marian, Ray and Anne Another present
jb21.jpg (55k) jb22.jpg (55k) jb23.jpg (55k) jb24.jpg (55k)
More unwrapping The AGA workshop present Roy and Wendy Phil resting
jb25.jpg (55k) jb26.jpg (55k) jb27.jpg (55k) jb28.jpg (55k)
Wendy, Richard and Nick Ray, Anne and Robert Another present Wendy, Richard and Nick
jb29.jpg (55k) jb30.jpg (55k)
Judy and Anne Wendy and Phil

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