Patagonia - December 2004

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Judy & Den - Madrid Airport Judy walking - outside hotel Bob ready for action View from our hotel window
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Torres del Peine national park Richard, Judy & Den by waterfall Richard Waterfall
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Torres del Peine Torres del Peine Mountain flowers All of us after a storm
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Den, Judy & Richard Lovely little bird Snow covered mountains View from hotel room
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The mountainsy The mountains Judy, Den & Richard at hotel Outside the hotel
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Richard Denise, Richard & Judy Sunset from hotel room French Valley
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A bridge we crossed Bob Plotting the route with our guide, Jennifer Just below the mountain
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Glacier in French valley Richard Denise Richard
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Judy at look out point in French valley All of us Mountain above hotel Judy and Richard
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Judy Beautiful lake Mountains on a clear day Mountains on a clear day
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Denise at hotel Bob outside hotel Hotel room view at sunset Sunset
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Mountains with ancient coral Coral Sunset Coral
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The famous towers Very blue lagoon Den in fron of the towers BBQ lamb
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Denise, Judy & Richard at lunch Richard horse riding Denise, Richard & Judy in the hot tub by the lake Denise swimming
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Denise horse riding Denise Judy horse riding Denise & Richard
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Judy, Denise, Richard All of us The Grey lake Floating ice
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Judy, Denise & Richard in front of Glacier The Andes Waterfall Judy relaxing by the glacier
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The Glacier Boat on the lake Floating ice Our guide - Maurice
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All of us on the boat in front of the Glacier Richard Judy & Denise Bob
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Judy & Bob Glacier Getting closer Very close!
pt81.jpg (55k) pt82.jpg (25k) pt83.jpg (25k) pt84.jpg (25k)
Beautiful ice formations Rock exposed as the glacier has receeded Fantastic!
pt85.jpg (55k) pt86.jpg (25k) pt87.jpg (25k) pt88.jpg (25k)
The front of the glacier Sunrise from Hotel Room
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Sunrise Sunrise Sunrise Sunrise
pt93.jpg (55k) pt94.jpg (55k) pt95.jpg (55k)
Sunrise Richard and Maurice - Glacier Grey Richard & Denise - Base of the towers

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