Richards' Graduation from Warwick University - July 2008

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rg0801.JPG (55k) rg0802.JPG (25k) rg0803.JPG (39k) rg0804.JPG (44k)
Richard Richard Maria
rg0805.JPG (55k) rg0806.JPG (25k) rg0807.JPG (39k) rg0808.JPG (44k)
Maria Cigdem Cigdem Procession
rg0809.JPG (55k) rg0810.JPG (25k) rg0811.JPG (55k) rg0812.JPG (25k)
The Chior Richard & Cigdem Richard, Maria & Cigdem Richard
rg0813.JPG (55k) rg0814.JPG (25k) rg0815.JPG (55k) rg0816.JPG (25k)
Richard Flying hats
rg0817.JPG (55k) rg0818.JPG (25k) rg0819.JPG (55k) rg0820.JPG (25k)
Richard & Judy Richard
rg0821.JPG (55k) rg0822.JPG (25k) rg0823.JPG (55k) rg0824.JPG (25k)
Richard Bob, Richard & Judy Bob, Richard & Judy Richard & friends
rg0825.JPG (55k)
Celebration Lunch

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