Holiday to Chile, Easter Island, Mendoza, Iguazu and Buenos Aires - March 2007

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Fountain in Santiago Family in Santiago Judy in Mercado Centrale Bob & Den Mercado centrale
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Museum fatigue - Santiago La Moneda Judy, Richard & Den Having lunch in Valparaiso
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Valparaiso bay Richard having a joke House - Valparaiso House - Valparaiso
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Hillside Valparaiso Richard arriving Easter Island Denise arriving Easter Island Judy arriving Easter Island
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Church - Rapa Nui Moai behind family Moai Moai
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Moai Moai Denise & Richard with guide The 4 of us on large Moai
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Moai ready to be lifted Beautiful sea side Rapanui dancing Sea - Easter Island
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Boat House 7 Moai Sun reflecting on sea Coast
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Coast Den, Richard, Judy Den standing at edge of cave Richard in Cave
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Boat made of reeds Outline of boat house line of Moai Den
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Richard & Denise Judy Volcano stores water for Island Volcano
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Petroglyphs Petroglyphs Denise Houses
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Houses Coast Family Andes
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Andes Family in park in Mendoza Mendoza our Hotel near Mendoza
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Andes Andes Iguazu falls Iguazu falls
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Iguazu falls Iguazu falls Family in front of Iguazu falls Iguazu falls
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Iguazu falls Family Animal - Iguazu falls park Iguazu falls
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Iguazu falls Family Iguazu falls Family
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Iguazu falls Iguazu falls Iguazu falls Iguazu falls
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Iguazu falls Richard on front of Iguazu falls Iguazu falls Iguazu falls
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Family in front of Iguazu falls Den and Richard at bottom of falls Den and Richard at bottom of falls Iguazu Falls
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Judy a little wet Iguazu Falls Iguazu Falls Family In the rain
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Richard Iguazu Falls That will be us soon in the boat Close emcounter with falls
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Very close now Bottom of falls Richard soaked by falls Denise wet from falls
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Bob soaked Family at lunch Conservation centre Resting under a tree
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Conservation centre View from our flat in Buenos Aires Richard Judy in restaurant
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Family at lunch Buenos Aires Casa Rosata Casa Rosata
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Banco Argentine flag Casa Rosata Communications
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Family at tango show Denise & Richard at tango show La Boca La Boca
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Buenos Aires Government Building The thinker Obelisk
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Buenos Aires Modern Bridge Family at lunch Richard & Denise
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Concert centre Eva Peron's grave Eva Peron's grave Buenos Aires cemetery
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Buenos Aires cemetery

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