A Day on the Thames

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th01.jpg (55k) th02.jpg (25k) th03.jpg (39k) th04.jpg (44k)
Judy on the boat Denise pushing the boat Denise and Richard on the boat Denise
th05.jpg (55k) th06.jpg (25k) th07.jpg (39k) th08.jpg (44k)
Richard and Denise and the boat Richard and Denise and the boat Denise on the boat Richard and Judy leaving a lock
th09.jpg (55k) th10.jpg (25k) th11.jpg (39k) th12.jpg (44k)
Denise on the boat Bob at the helm Going down the river Richard at the helm
th13.jpg (55k) th14.jpg (25k) th15.jpg (39k) th16.jpg (44k)
Denise inside Bob at the helm Judy Richard phoning and helming
th17.jpg (55k)

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