Vallandry 2004

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Across the valley to La Plagne Construction next to ours View from our flat Our building
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Appartment block next to ours Den & Judy in front of ours Vallandry village Across the mountain
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East side of our building Vallandry village Beyond Vallandry Para Gliders
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Vallandry village Across the valley From village to our building Judy
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Para Gliders Cable car station Beautiful valley
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Reception and parking The new chair lift Misty morning - Vallandry Our building behind chair lift
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Den Judy coming down the piste From the west on our appartment
v429.jpg (55k) v430.jpg (25k)
Adjacent appartment
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13th October 13th October 13th October
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Block from the road below View to the left Ours is corner appartment View straight on - appartment on left
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Staircase to central block Kitchen Entry to block - ski lift in the distance Main room - bedrooms on left
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En suite Shower room Lounge Island in kitchen Bathroom
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View from middle bedroom Island Kitchen From terrasse
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Front terrasse New ski lift Central block Block next to ours
v457.jpg (55k)
From the road below

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