Vallandry 2005

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v501.jpg (55k) v502.jpg (25k) v503.jpg (39k) v504.jpg (44k)
Vallandry village Hill behind us Door to our flat Entry hall - we are left door
v505.jpg (55k) v506.jpg (25k) v507.jpg (39k) v508.jpg (44k)
Appartment block next to ours Our block - we are ground level left with stones around terrace Our appartment - terrace The grizzly lift - from just outside our appartment
v509.jpg (55k) v510.jpg (25k) v511.jpg (55k) v512.jpg (25k)
Lift again Entry to appartment Lounge Dining and kitchen
v513.jpg (55k) v514.jpg (25k) v515.jpg (55k) v516.jpg (25k)
Lounge and dining Bedroom Bedroom Kitchen
v517.jpg (55k) v518.jpg (25k) v519.jpg (55k) v520.jpg (25k)
Bedroom View across valley Mountains opposite above Vallandry View of mountain across
v521.jpg (55k) v522.jpg (25k) v523.jpg (55k) v524.jpg (55k)
View across valley Mountain opposite Hill behind us Judy
v525.jpg (55k) v526.jpg (25k) v527.jpg (55k) v528.jpg (55k)
Above Vallandry from restaurant Across the valley Above Vallandry Central building progressing
v529.jpg (55k) v530.jpg (25k) v531.jpg (55k) v532.jpg (55k)
A white out (not a mistake photo) Judy and Miranda Snowy day In the restaurant

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