Christmas 2001

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Going for a walk on Boxing Day Richard on Christmas morning Denise opening a present Denise surrounded by presents
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Richard with a glass of Champagne Bob serving the wine Judy watching her Christmas pudding flame Chris and Big Bird upstairs
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Richard watching TV Walking on Boxing Day Denise smiling
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Richard at Christmas dinner Judy serving Christmas pudding Richard Judy
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The "pyramid" from Germany Bob serving wine Bob serving wine
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Judy cooking Bob Richard Denise
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Richard opening a present Denise The santons Judy
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Denise resting The tree Phil, Alice, Richard & George Jonathan
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Denise playing charades Richard's turn Watching the game intently Alice off guard
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Tina's two words Rosey's turn George has just one word Roberts go
xm0141.jpg (55k) xm0142.jpg (25k) xm0143.jpg (39k) xm0144.jpg (44k)
Phil and Alice George still trying Bob Bob trying hard
xm0145.jpg (55k) xm0146.jpg (25k) xm0147.jpg (39k) xm0148.jpg (44k)
Judy's turn Phil, Alice & George James Watching the game
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Charlotte Tina & Jon Denise James, Rosey & Robert
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Bob demonstrating Bob surfing at Heathrow
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Judy and Denise Bob snoozing at our villa in France Richard getting excited at Monopoly Richard at Marseille airport

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