Christmas 2005 Vallandry

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Reception area of our appartment Appartments behind us Appartments across from us Our appartment - stone balcony
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Inside appartment Denise Denise playing with candle Our slanted Christmas tree
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Our presents Mont Blanc Vanoise Express La Plagne
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Leaving Peisey Vallandry Vallandry & Peisey Vallandry
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Peisey village Vallandry & Peisey Peisey Valley between Peisey and La Plagne
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Peisey Village Up the valley towards Italy Judy - Les Arcs across the valley Clouds coming in
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More Clouds across the Valley Vallandry and Peisey Vallandry and Peisey Vallandry and Peisey
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Les Arcs 1800 Down to Bourg St Maurice Vallandry and Peisey Bob in a good mood
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Vallandry, Peisey and Peisey village Vallandry and Peisey Peisey Richard
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Christmas lunch with the Copelands The Bartletts at Christmas lunch The Copelands Denise ready for skiing
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Richard Beautiful Christmas Day Graceful skiing from Judy

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