Vallandry Christmas 2007

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xm0701.jpg (55k) xm0702.jpg (25k) xm0703.jpg (39k) xm0704.jpg (44k)
Sunset on mountains Mountain view Morning sun on mountains Below our flat
xm0705.jpg (55k) xm0706.jpg (25k) xm0707.jpg (39k) xm0708.jpg (44k)
Behind flat Christmas lunch with Copelands Christmas Tree Judy
xm0709.jpg (55k) xm0710.jpg (25k) xm0711.jpg (55k) xm0712.jpg (25k)
Mountains Ice Sculpture
xm0713.jpg (55k) xm0714.jpg (25k) xm0715.jpg (55k) xm0716.jpg (25k)
Ice Sculpture Judy, Den & Richard in ice grotto Ice Sculpture
xm0717.jpg (55k) xm0718.jpg (25k) xm0719.jpg (55k) xm0720.jpg (25k)
xm0721.jpg (55k) xm0722.jpg (25k)
Ice Grotto Montgomery

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