Flight over London in the Zeppelin - July 2008

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Ready to board First view of the Thames Countryside
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Back of airship
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Judy Football pitch Swimming pool
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Marion and Ray's home Thames The dome Canary Wharf
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Looking West Vauxhall Bridge Lambeth Palace London eye
zp25.jpg (55k) zp26.jpg (25k) zp27.jpg (55k) zp28.jpg (25k)
Houses of Parliament Buckingham Palace Battersea The Oval
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London eye The Dome Canary Wharf
zp33.jpg (55k) zp34.jpg (25k) zp35.jpg (55k) zp36.jpg (25k)
zp37.jpg (55k) zp38.jpg (25k) zp39.jpg (55k) zp40.jpg (25k)
Coming in to land
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